Best Beaches in La Romana

If you are looking for a perfect Caribbean holiday destination, La Romana is the spot for you. Located in the Dominican Republic’s eastern part, La Romana is known for its pristine beaches with crystal-clear waters that make it an ideal getaway for beach lovers. Here’s a guide to some of the best beaches in La Romana you should visit.

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Playa Bayahibe

Playa Bayahibe is located near the village of Bayahibe, a small fishing town that is picturesque and peaceful. The beach offers a long stretch of powdery white sand, and the turquoise blue water of the Caribbean Sea is perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Here you can see schools of colorful fish, sea turtles, rays, starfish, and other sea creatures. The calm waters make it a great spot to try paddleboarding or kayaking.

You can find a wide range of beachfront bars and restaurants that serve fresh fish and local dishes. In the evenings, watch the sunset while enjoying a drink with your loved ones.


Dominicus Beach

Dominicus Beach is located on the southeastern coast of the Dominican Republic, 5 kilometers from Bayahibe. It is a popular beach spot, and many travelers consider it the best beaches in La Romana. The long and broad beach is ideal for walks, sunbathing, and beach sports such as volleyball and soccer.

The translucent blue waters here are perfect for swimming, paddleboarding and snorkeling. Looking for some adventure, Domincus Beach is a great spot for boating trips as well as by horse rides.

There are several restaurants, bars, and hotels near the beach that offer delicious food and refreshing drinks. If you prefer a quieter spot, walk a little further away to the other end of the beach.

Catalina Island

Catalina Island is a must-see beach that is only a short boat ride from La Romana. The island is surrounded by clear waters and colorful coral reefs that make it perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. You can see a variety of aquatic species, such as colorful fish, rays, and turtles, while exploring the many reefs.

The famous Catalina bar, with its lounge chairs and umbrellas, offers refreshing drinks and snacks while you soak up the sun. There are several tours, including fishing and catamaran trips, that you can book to reach the island.

La Romana

Saona Island

Saona Island is a beach paradise located south of Bayahibe that is accessible by boat and catamaran. The beach is famous for its powdery white sands and clear blue waters. It is a perfect location for sea lovers, and the variety of sea creatures one can see while snorkeling here is abundant.

Saona Island is also home to a unique ecosystem that nurtures different waterfowl birds. Taking a guided tour or walking around the secluded beach, one can see vast wildlife on the island.

La Romana is blessed with incredible beaches that offer excellent value for your adventure vacation. While these are among the most popular  best beaches in La Romana, the area has several other beaches to explore, such as Bayahibe Beach and Minitas Beach.

The best beaches in La Romana promise a balance of serenity and adventure. Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach or want to try a new aquatic activity. With seascape so beautiful that makes you want to pinch yourself. La Romana leaves travelers entranced and eager to come back. 

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