Best Restaurants in Hato Mayor

Are you planning a visit to Hato Mayor? If so, you’ll want to make sure that you’re prepared with a list of the best restaurants in the area. No matter what type of cuisine you’re in the mood for – be it Caribbean or just good old-fashioned Dominican food – you’ll find something that will satisfy your hunger. Whether you’re visiting Hato Mayor for business or pleasure, you’re sure to enjoy the array of options. CanaTransfers offers you the best transfer from Punta Cana Airport to Hato Mayor.

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Tasajera Grill

Tasajera Grill is one of the best places in Hato Mayor to go for some tasty seafood. This restaurant offers a luxurious atmosphere and menu items that use the freshest catches of the day. From fried fish to ceviche, you can try a little of everything. And for those who aren’t in the mood for seafood, the restaurant also offers other Latin-America staples like mofongo, fried chicken, and rice with beans.

Los Recuerdos

If you’re looking for a great place to enjoy some authentic Dominican food, then Los Recuerdos is the place to be. This restaurant combines traditional Dominican flare with newer recipes, resulting in a menu full of unique and delicious dishes. The restaurant is praised for their great service, a relaxing atmosphere and reasonable prices.


Restaurant Bar & Orchid

Located in the heart of Hato Mayor, Restaurant Bar & Orchid is one of the city’s most popular places to grab a drink and enjoy a good meal. The restaurant has a laid-back Caribbean style and offers a great mix of international and local dishes. From fresh fruit drinks and seafood to traditional Dominican food and more, you’ll find something to satisfy your cravings.

Best Restaurants in Hato Mayor
Best Restaurants in Hato Mayor


Precioso is the perfect place to head to for those looking for a bit of luxury in the Hato Mayor area. The restaurant serves up some of the finest dishes around, offering a range of Italian, Spanish and international recipes. Whether you prefer pasta, pizza or fresh seafood, you’ll find something that’ll make your taste buds very happy. The restaurant also has an extensive wine list and a stylish atmosphere.

Arenys de Mar

If you’re in the mood for an amazing seafood experience, then Arenys de Mar is your best bet. Located just a short drive from Hato Mayor, this modern restaurant offers the freshest fish and seafood dishes around. Whether you’re in the mood for lobster, grilled shrimp or avocado stuffed with fish, you won’t be disappointed. The restaurant also offers an extensive selection of cocktails and wine to help wash down those delicious dishes.

El Capitan La Esquina Congas

For an example of truly traditional Dominican cuisine, head over to El Capitan La Esquina Congas is one of the best places to go to when you’re in the mood for some delicious Dominican pastries and sweets. The restaurant is a favorite among locals and tourists alike and offers a great selection of tasty treats. From guava pastelitos to sweet bean cakes, you won’t be disappointed. Plus, the prices are a great bargain as well.

From the upscale Tasajera Grill to the laid-back Los Recuerdos, there’s something for everyone in the Hato Mayor area. With all of these great options to choose from, you’ll no doubt find something that’ll keep you satisfied throughout your visit. Whether you’re in the mood for some fresh seafood, delicious Dominican fare, or just want to indulge in some tasty sweets, Hato Mayor has it all. So make sure to bring your appetite as you explore the area!

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